ProPicturePlus is a continuing project developed by Peter Standish, building on his work in developing Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions for organisations over the last 15 years.

ProPicture is designed to solve a problem we’re all too familiar with – dull graphics that don’t engage, don’t communicate, and don’t sell. ProPicture is built for Traditional and Internet Businesses, Online Retailers, Advertisers, and Savvy Users to take advantage of to increase their engagement with their customers and team members.

The main elements of ProPicturePlus are:

  • Ability to load images from computers or tablets that are then given a “Plus” so they look super professional!
  • Adapting and enhancing images you upload or connect from around the web by adding interactive ‘Hotspots’
  • Configurable Hotspots that can load:
    • focus pictures (i.e. picture in picture)
    • hover text – that only appears when a user taps on or mouses over a hotspot
    • sound – that plays when a user mouses over or taps a hotspot
    • video – that plays when … (yeah – you get the picture)
    • clickable links from any hotspot – to take your customers or personnel to pages where they can convert or learn more.
  • ProPictures that can load into your own web site using an <iframe> tag.

We hope this is interesting for you – and would love to help you put ProPics on your own site!