ProPics are pretty straight forward to use and work on – but there are a few points that other ProPic users have asked that we have collected here for you.  You can click on the questions below and they will expand to present the answers.  Only one question can be open at a time.

Is there any limit to how many times my ProPic can be viewed?

ProPics are stored on our server and load into an iFrame on your web page or are accessed when users click a link that brings them to the ProPicturePlus page that holds the ProPic.

There are no limits as to how many times a ProPic can be viewed or accessed – it is all covered in your initial purchase / development price.

What happens if I want a change to my ProPic after it is finished?

We really want all of our users to be delighted with their ProPic+ experience.  To make this so we are happy to make changes to your ProPic for 1 month after it is finished.

The only cautionary point in this is if the changes you ask for mean we have to build a completely new ProPic with different background, hot spots and links.  If this happens then to us it will feel like we are being asked to create a whole new ProPic.

To keep everyone happy we hope that we could work with you to reach a reasonable point where you pay some amount for the new ProPic and are again delighted with the results of having this on your site.

When we make the ProPic we will put in the links that you require on the hotspots.  If these links are to a local server and the ProPic is going to live on a page of your Intranet then the links will obey your company’s access settings.

A third party – viewing the ProPic from outside your company site (and this could only happen if they had access to the source page on your Intranet Site) would not be able to access any target information or files.  Their request would bounce of your company fire-wall unless their credentials had been validated.

ProPics have 64 bit file name encryption – which means the links are pretty close to “un-guessable”.