Make Me a ProPic – With These Resources

Sample Email Response – That would lead to the creation of the ProPic shown on the Make Me a ProPic page.


Context / Purpose (What do you want the ProPic to achieve?)

Hi Team ProPic – I want to produce a ProPic that will explain the process of ordering a ProPic from the site. There will be a link to the order page from one of the hot spots.


The ProPic is intended for a global audience – with a constraint that all text and voice over is in English.
I am going to use it as a center piece on a web page – so it will need to be pretty close to full page width when completed – but not run “over the fold” if that is possible.


Attached to this email are:
• Background image – which is a flow chart showing the five steps – There should be a hotspot over each step (which is transparent)

Hot Spot 1

• The first step (ProPic Needed) should use the pop up text of “The first step in the process will be you identifying a requirement to have a ProPic – but not wanting to get deflected from your business to learn how to make them. Our team has been putting these together as part of testing since the concept was first turned into code – so you are in safe hands!” and the sound file Step 1 Voice over

Hot Spot 2

• Second Step – Resources Sent should have the pop up text of “We will hook up with you via email or phone to confirm requirements – and then drop box share the resources that you’d like to see as a ProPic. At this point you should have placed an order – so that there is commitment all round to delivering a quality outcome!” and sound file Step 2 Voice over. These step should also link to the order form at

Hot Spot 3

• Third step – OR Resources created should have the pop up text of “This is the alternate path – where we take your concept and work it up to reality. If we are on this journey together we will need to loop around a few times to get the pricing right – but we want you to be delighted – so you’re certain to find that what you get adds much more value than what it cost!” and the sound file Step 3 Voice over

Hot Spot 4

• Fourth step – ProPic Developed has pop up text “We are pretty efficient at this – and will be back to you with material to look at much quicker than you would have thought possible!” and sound file Step 4 Voice over

Hot Spot 5

• Final step – Code for your site provided / added – has pop up text “Watch the engagement blossom!” with an image file “Computer money.png” and voice file Step 5 Voice over

Other Information

We would appreciate getting a review version of this ProPic within the week