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This post gives you a quick highlight of what ProPicture Plus is – and how the tool and the team can be of value to your business.


  • Pro Picture Plus a method for enhancing any graphic displayed in a web browser.  You or the PPP team add hotspots to a background image and these serve up sound, video, pop up images or text when a user runs their mouse over / taps the spot on the image.
  • Easier than video – and can still yield high production values.  Amateur video always looks amateur – and to make it more professional is either expensive or a lot of hard work.  Recording your voice (or using a voice talent), selecting additional images and / or adding text that is driven by the context of a hotspot can give a really neat effect.
  • More powerful than text or images done independently.
  • Combines a background graphic / image with pop up capabilities for text, video, images, sound and hyperlinks to other locations.

Click here to see the ProPic at ProPicturePlus!


  • Came from addressing Peter’s need – to explain some complex situations to clients.
  • Expanded to help with other entrepreneurs and people who post images on web sites.  Some examples of how we’re planning to use the system are:
    • To form a cornerstone of the ORM training packages – where ProPics will be used to guide participants through the material and allow for a very flexible delivery method, and;
    • As a neat way to market some other products – as it makes a web page more snazzy and different.  It’s important to stand out in your niche!

The upshot? It’s a good system that we think is well worth sharing!


  • Enhancements to your online / browser viewed pictures:
    • Done by you – as a member of ProPicPlus, or
    • Prepared by the ProPic team – who can adjust your graphics OR create a full ProPic from a concept or brief.
  • Some key features are that ProPics –
    • Works in any browser.
    • Can be viewed at its source location ( or in an iframe on your own site.
      • Responsive – will work on tablets, iPhones, iPads and varying screen resolutions.
      • Important when creating a ProPic to consider likely display points – large images will still be large when viewed on small devices and need scrolling.  Like all responsive systems the design is important – so that width / height of images don’t exceed the capacity of the devices that will be viewing them.

Why would you Use PPP?

  • Improving web sites.
  • Marketing – more depth to the message.
  • Informational – providing lots of information on a single page – rather than relying on multiple pages or long form text.

A bit of “Wow” as an email attachment / greeting message.

Training resource for explaining concepts more visually and interactively.

  • Provides “multi dimension” support:
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic

Great “road map” type summary points rather than slabs of block text and you can further enhance your message by including clickable links.

Social sharing – enhanced images to post for friends.

Contact Us

Why not drop us a line?  You can call Peter on +61 417 419 709 or send an email to


Look forward to catching up and sharing some of the passion on applying some neat technology to your graphics on the web!

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