Using a ProPic for your business or training requirements can improve how well your message is understood.

You can use a ProPic as a link in an email / post or an iFrame on an internal intranet or a public website.

We have two examples of how a ProPic can work in this way on this page.

If you look at the ProPic below it shows how you can highlight and access required information by embedding knowledge into an interactive environment.  You could create a library of ProPics with a ProPic or an index page guiding your team members on where they can access the information they need to perform their duties.  Having ProPics on your Intranet can help to reduce the time it takes (particularly infrequent) users to reach the material they need.  All in all this lets your team quickly move to the company’s information that is relevant to the task at hand.



Another use of ProPics is in the Education and Training area.  Lindsey from The Voice Cafe commissioned the ProPicture team to put together a graphic that highlights how many different English accents there are – by having the term “Ok” pronounced in a large number of them.  We put them on to a map of the globe with a different Ok for each hot spot.  Some are a links back to Lindsey’s site.  Have a browse around and see how engaging this approach can be!  On a personal note it is surprising how interesting it is to jump from place to place (event quite close) and hear the difference in accent!


Security is also still maintained within your company – where you can host the files on your SharePoint (or similar) server.

Clicking a link when not logged in to a company server will just cause the user to “bounce off” the firewall.

Feel free to contact us to see how you could unpack your business processes into a series of ProPics that will really “spice up” the appeal of accessing and using your intranet.